Watch our webinar: Mental Health at Work - Practical Actions to Support Your Staff

As we increasingly return to the workplace or adjust to hybrid working, the 'hidden pandemic' of poor mental health is coming to the fore.

Our free webinar delivered insights into how other leaders are taking practical steps to support the wellbeing and performance of their people and organisations in the wake of Covid-19.

Alongside Dean Russell MP, Co-Chair of the Mental Health All Party Parliamentary Group, we heard from big-name businesses across the private and public sectors who are making mental health more than just a tick-box exercise.

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Dean Russell, MP for Watford, Co-Chair Mental Health All Party Parliamentary Group, Health & Social Care Select Committee member
Sally Hopper MSc FCIPD FRSA, Assistant Director of Human Resources, Hertfordshire County Council
Natalie Bosch GRP, Executive Director - International Benefits & Wellness, WarnerMedia
Stephen May, Chief Revenue Officer, FirstCare
Nicholas Brice, Guest Editor, Engage Business Media

Mental health - 'the hidden pandemic'

Much has been written about the repercussions of Covid on UK workers’ mental health. The phrase ‘we’re all in this together’ has often been used, but the truth is that our individual experiences have been very different…

For example, some employees have suffered with Covid or lost loved ones to the virus, whereas others doubt its existence. Some have enthusiastically been vaccinated, while others fear and resist the jab. Some have relished the freedom of WFH but others have struggled, juggling nine-to-five with round-the-clock childcare and home schooling.

Working with Dean Russell – MP for Watford and Co-Chair of the Mental Health All Party Parliamentary Group – FirstCare is embarking on a campaign to support organisations and their people into the future of work.


Too often, leaders merely pay lip service to the idea of mental health support, but it has never been more important to act than it is now.

This webinar explored practical steps for employers to recognise the pressures that have, and will continue to impact the mental wellbeing of their employees. Can the innovative use of wellbeing data help to prevent issues, or at least enable early intervention before troubles worsen?

Alongside Dean, we  invited an expert panel of People and Wellbeing leaders from big-name businesses with a presence in and around his constituency, keen to share their opinions and experiences with you to move the mental health agenda forward.

Watch now and hear about new ways to help your people be happier, healthier, and perform better as we all enter the new world of work.

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Dean Russell MP's mental health agenda

Dean Russell MP believes mental health first aid should be given the same importance in the workplace as physical health:

"As we recover from the Coronavirus pandemic, defeat the virus and return to normality, we will also be encouraging people to return to their normal workplace, when it is safe to do so. Whilst we are well on our way to defeating the virus, we are likely to emerge on the other side of the pandemic with another crisis of public health, but one of mental health, not physical."

In his ‘First Aid (Mental Health) Bill’ proposal, Dean cited FirstCare data that highlighted the challenges for businesses as well as their people. Watch the video of Dean's speech to parliament and see the supporting stats here.