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Hi there! At FirstCare, we believe that improving employee wellbeing is key to a healthy, productive organisation. But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s some additional information about who FirstCare are and how we help our customers.

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What we're about.

Welcome to FirstCare.  We're driven by a simple belief - if you look after the health and wellbeing of your employees, your organisation will become more productive, perform better and have a competitive advantage.

We bring together a powerful mix of services and technology that are proven to deliver results.

At FirstCare, we believe healthy companies win.

Who we work with.

Over the past 17 years, FirstCare has worked with more than 200 organisations, spanning FTSE 100 companies to NHS Trusts.  Our customers typically have 2,000+ employees across multiple functions and sites.

We own the UK's largest database of workplace absence and wellbeing information.  And this knowledge, combined with our vast wellbeing experience, enables us to help our customers protect their employees.

17 Years | 1BN+ data points | 780k+ employees | 200+ employers

Why they choose us.

Customers choose FirstCare, and stay with us, because of our proven three-pillar approach.  The business benefits include:

Wellbeing: our members - your employees - have 24/7 access to professional nurse-led medical support, increasing engagement and helping you to attract and retain top talent.

Productivity: we reduce the hard and soft impacts of lost working days, have effective return to work processes, and help to optimise bank, agency or overtime staffing.

Insight: our real-time data enables you to benchmark against other divisions and/or sectors, identify emerging trends and hotspots by team or location, and forecast future trends for better decision making.

For employees. For employers. For good. 
Dean Rusell MP First Aid - Mental Health Bill Proposal

Our insights inform leadership teams and policy makers.

Dean Russell, MP (Conservative. Watford) cites FirstCare data as he proposes his First Aid (Mental Health) Private Member's Bill in the House of Commons.

Our data shows that in 2020 poor mental health increased by: 10% for men and 19% for women.

Mental health. A major challenge for every organisation.

We saved someone's life every day last year.

FirstCare's multidisciplinary clinical team are on hand 24/7/365 to help your employees.

Our fully qualified, NMC-registered nurses are trained and ready to deal with any call - from coughs, colds, and flu, to life-threatening 'Code Red' emergencies. Last year, more than half of the emergency calls we received were outside of office hours.

Our 6 unique service capabilities:

  1. Dedicated employee contact centre
  2. Nurse-led adviser team, on-call 24/7
  3. Seamless referrals to EAP, OH, GPs
  4. Agile workforce planning and management tools
  5. Alerts, benchmarking and trend analysis tools
  6. Safe and compliant return to work tools
26% of our 'Code Red' calls in 2020 were related to mental health.


Sir Peter Hendy discusses Covid-19, Boris, mental health and Brexit.

Sir Peter Hendy, Chairman of Network Rail.

Matthew Gwyther (author, journalist, and BBC broadcaster) spoke with Sir Peter HendyChairman of Network Rail, about the challenges of maintaining wellbeing and productivity in a huge workforce. In a refreshingly frank discussion, Sir Peter talked about subjects including Covid-19, mental health, Boris, and Brexit.

The ravages of Covid have tested management teams to the limit. In doing so, the inextricable link between employee wellbeing and productivity has also been brought into sharp focus.

Some more facts realised from our data:

1 in 12 people who need time off work for Covid-related reasons, subsequently take time off because of poor mental health.
Mental health-related absences after Covid last 63% longer - that's 33.6 days on average
The big sectors affected by mental health in 2020 were: NHS 24%, Councils 20%, Construction/ Engineering/ Manufacturing 12%, Transport & Logistics 8%, Utilities & Services 8%
In the last 12 months, mental health has affected NHS productivity more than Covid has. (Mental health 2.5m days / Covid 2.1m days.)

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