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Britain’s NHS Black Hole Is Devouring the Whole Country

24 JANUARY 2023

For the 8,000 people suffering from cystic fibrosis in the UK, Kaftrio is a miracle drug. For the cash-strapped National Health Service, it’s a foretaste of an unaffordable future.

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Mental health sick days for NHS staff surge – and cost more than £460m in a year

08 FEBRUARY 2023

“Illness, ongoing strikes and staff shortages are leaving workers exhausted’ warns Alun Baker CEO of GoodShape. 

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Colds and flu causing more work absence than Covid

17 DECEMBER 2022

Scientists suggest sudden increase in 'super colds' forcing people out of work is linked to pandemic lockdowns and loss in immunity.

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Why striking staff threaten supply chain success

18 OCTOBER 2022

The summer of discontent is causing more disruption to an already fragile supply chain. What can logistics companies do to improve staff engagement and wellbeing to future-proof their operations and keep supplies flowing?

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Covid drives ‘spike in absences’ for NHS workers as staffing ‘crisis’ worsens

30 JULY 2022

Tens of thousands of NHS staff have been forced out of work each day in the last six months largely because of Covid, according to reports.

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Managers Expect U.K. Firms to Cut Flexible Work After Pandemic

07 MARCH 2022

Many managers at U.K. companies expect to dial back their pandemic-era embrace of remote work and flexible arrangements once Covid-19 recedes, dampening hopes among employees that many of the changes will endure.

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