Visitors to GoodShape’s website are able to share personal information with us by completing and submitting the ‘Get in touch’ contact form, found at the footer of all pages. Cookies also provide us with limited personal information (see below for further details). GoodShape may use this personal data primarily for the following purposes:

  • To analyse the profile of our visitors
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During the course of any visit to a GoodShape website, the pages you see, along with something called a cookie, are downloaded to your computer. Cookies enable our systems to recognise your browser and assist us to analyse traffic flows. Cookies in themselves do not identify the individual user, just the computer used.

Cookies allow us to gather statistical data regarding the visitors to our site. The type of information collected includes the number of visits to pages on the site, the duration of individual page view, paths taken by visitors through the site, and other general information.

Users have the opportunity to set their computers to accept all cookies, to notify them when a cookie is issued, or not to receive cookies at any time. The Help menu on the menu bar of most browsers will tell you how to do this.

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