GoodShape is on a mission to wake up the world to employee wellbeing.

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Protecting the health and wellbeing of your employees is not just the right thing to do, it’s essential to reduce serious risks to both individuals and your organisation.

It’s also vital if you want to attract and retain great people.

GoodShape has the tools, expertise and data you need to be a responsible employer and achieve your wellbeing ambitions.

We’re here to help ensure your people thrive in the workplace and in life, so your organisation can excel.

GoodShape provides a hub for wellbeing.
A central platform for the best advice, referrals and insights.

While others just count the cost of absence, GoodShape addresses the root causes. We offer a holistic solution that ensures early interventions, swift referrals to physical and mental health services, and safe, timely returns to work.

We provide a unique suite of clinical expertise, management tools and data services that help large employers truly understand, engage with, and support their people.

Built on our software platform, GoodShapeCentral, we’ve pioneered a modern, effective approach that we call ‘Total Wellbeing Management’.

We combine Day 1 Absence Management and our in-house Nurse Advisory service, with flexible people planning systems and the most advanced analytics and forecasting on the market.

Reasons GoodShape is a unique partner for you:


Highest employee engagement.

Employee support services can only make a difference if your people use them. Engagement rates for most EAPs and Occupational Health schemes are typically less than 8%. What a waste! Our service will enable you to reach in excess of 70% of your people.


One wellbeing platform for a seamless service.

Most large employers have around 30 separate employee support programmes. Wow. Imagine how much more effective they'd be if you had a single point of referral. GoodShape does that. We ensure the right people are referred to the right service at the right time. 


Unrivalled analyses and insights.

Great data about the wellbeing of your people is not just vital for operational planning, like covering for absences; you also need reliable insights to identify trends and spot emerging problems quickly. On the shop floor and in the boardroom, our unique reporting and analytics tools will ensure you can make informed decisions and do the right thing. 


In-house clinical expertise. 24/7.

You shouldn't expect your managers and HR department to play the role of nurse or therapist for their teams. Our in-house, multidisciplinary clinical team are available 24/7 to provide your employees with 1-to-1 guidance, support and expert referrals. (Fun fact: Over 40,000 NHS employees rely on GoodShape nurses!)


Biggest workplace wellbeing database.

It's easier to improve wellbeing if you can benchmark progress and compare how you're doing. You can benefit from our knowledge base, built on nearly two decades of frontline experience in over 200 companies. The GoodShape database has over 1.2 billion data points. It's not just the largest of its kind, Deloitte also gave it a 96% quality rating.



Assured compliance and privacy.

Critical processes such as an employee's return to work need to be managed properly or you'll put both the individual and the organisation at risk. But around half of all UK employers fail to meet required levels of compliance. GoodShape provides ISO-certified systems and technologies to ensure your people are safe and their data is secure.

We put people first.  GoodShape is evidence-based and trusted.

For nearly two decades, we’ve been proud to help improve wellbeing and productivity in over 200 of the world’s largest and most complex employers.

Drawing on our proprietary database – the largest of its kind – we can help you to plan, improve, and measure success.

For employees. For employers. For good.

Confidential support for employees 24/7.

Whenever an employee is ill, injured or in distress our nurse-led team is here to help via our phoneline or mobile app (coming soon). GoodShape provides a trusted service on your behalf to show you care. We register absences, triage cases, provide guidance and make referrals.

Helping managers to manage.

Line managers don’t usually have the time or the skills to perform the roles of nurses or counsellors. GoodShape helps managers excel by providing external clinical support along with real-time planning and compliant Return-to-Work procedures.

Professional tools for HR professionals.

Chief People Officers and HRDs need C-suite insights to lead with confidence and clarity. GoodShape gives them unique forecasting and trend analytics, informing workforce strategies and improving the delivery of employee programmes.

Valuable data that Finance can trust.

CFOs need reliable information to plan and audit investments in employee services. GoodShape provides unrivalled capabilities to report on the costs of poor workplace wellbeing and the impact of initiatives. 

Secure, reliable technology for IT.

GoodShape technology is well documented and meets internationally certified standards of data privacy and security for PII. CTOs can also be assured of straightforward API integration.

Intelligence for leadership.

Shareholders and taxpayers are placing increasing demands on C-suites to demonstrate good governance, sustainable workforce strategies and conscientious leadership. GoodShape provides essential insights and management tools.

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