We are part of the MARCOL family of businesses, a leading growth capital investor in global healthcare services. Founded over 45 years ago, MARCOL manages over €3 billion of assets.

GoodShape and MARCOL Health share the same vision: to help organisations improve workplace wellbeing.

Together, we’re realising our vision by consistently improving the quality of and access to care through efficient means, with technology acting as a central enabler.

MARCOL Health first invested in GoodShape in 2017. Working in partnership with our senior leadership team, they’ve helped drive our transformation from an absence-management company to an evidence-based technology platform with a clinically led approach to solving the employee wellbeing crisis.

And, we’re in good company.

clinical team

The MARCOL Healthcare portfolio also includes:

clinical team


An online health ecosystem with pharmacies and parapharmacies serving 9 countries and over 4 million customers across Europe. 


Europe’s largest digital health provider, offering remote consultations with clinicians to patients, insurance policy holders, and employees.


A diagnostic-imaging service that specialises in providing ‘Radiology as a Service’ to physicians, hospitals, and research institutes.


A remote radiology service offering a variety of access and diagnostic solutions for imaging providers and radiologists.

Median Kliniken

Germany’s leading rehabilitation care provider, offering acute treatment, rehabilitation and prevention services across 27 hospitals.