At GoodShape, empowering HR managers and organisational leaders with powerful reporting tools designed to transform the way you understand and address employee absence is at the heart of what we do.

To us, employee absence reporting is more than just keeping track of who's in and who's out; it's about understanding the underlying trends, patterns and causes behind unplanned absences to address root issues effectively.

We believe that access to accurate absence data is the key to strategic planning, resource allocation and ensuring compliance with policies and regulations.

The power of employee absence reporting


Employee absence is a multifaceted issue that can significantly impact business performance, productivity and employee morale.

Traditional absence reporting methods often lack the depth and granularity needed to understand underlying trends, patterns, and root causes, but GoodShape changes the game by providing HR managers with unparalleled visibility into employee absence data through advanced reporting capabilities.

Revolutionise workforce management reports with GoodShape.

Our suite of reporting tools has been specifically designed to empower HR managers and organisational leaders with actionable insights.


End-to-end absence data capture.

We streamline the process of employee absence reporting with 24/7 data capture capabilities.

From sick days to unplanned absences, our platform ensures accurate, complete, and consistent reporting of all absence incidents, enabling HR managers to gain a comprehensive view of workforce attendance patterns.


Real-time alert engine.

GoodShape's real-time alert engine ensures that HR managers are promptly notified of absence incidents and any violations to your organisation’s absence policies.

By automating alert notifications, our platform enables proactive intervention and timely follow-up, helping to minimise the impact of employee absence on your operations.


Customisable reporting.

Our platform offers customisable reporting that provide at-a-glance insights into key absence metrics, trends, and KPIs. HR managers can tailor these reports to their specific needs, allowing for a personalised and intuitive reporting experience.

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Predictive analytics for forecasting.

Our technology goes beyond hindsight reporting by leveraging predictive analytics to forecast future absence trends and risks.

By analysing historical absence data and identifying patterns, our platform helps HR managers anticipate any future staffing gaps, plan resource allocation, and implement targeted interventions to reduce absence-related challenges.


Compliance management made easy.

Staying compliant with absence management regulations is essential for minimising legal risks and maintaining integrity.

GoodShape simplifies compliance management by tracking all critical absence management-related actions, including return-to-work interviews and absence review meetings, so you can be sure you’re aligned with regulatory requirements.

“We would recommend GoodShape to other organisations who want to streamline processes and reduce absence.”

HR Business Partner
Heathrow Express

“... when we are alerted to
high levels of absence, such as musculoskeletal problems in the factory, we can proactively address them because we now have clear trigger levels in place.”

HR Director

“Across 11,800 staff, GoodShape helped to recoup 33,040 working days within 12 months - or the equivalent of returning 144 full-time staff to work.”

HR Director
NHS Trust

“We estimate that we’ve saved £152,000 in terms of increased productivity and efficiency savings. This means that the absence service has provided a great return on investment, and having more employees available to work gives us a far greater opportunity to deliver a good service for our customers.”

Head of HR
Ealing Council

Why we’re so passionate about employee absence reporting.

Getting to grips with your organisation’s bespoke employee absence report with GoodShape offers a whole host of benefits for HR managers, leaders and employees. Here are just a few ways our reporting can help you: 


Enhanced decision-making

Access to timely and accurate absence data enables HR managers to make informed decisions regarding workforce planning, resource allocation, and absence management strategies.


Data Analysis

GoodShape doesn't just provide data; it also analyses data to make recommendations for the client, enabling HR managers to implement targeted interventions and support initiatives to improve employee wellbeing.


Improved operational efficiency

Streamlined absence reporting processes and real-time alerts help minimise administrative burden and ensure quick intervention, leading to improved operational efficiency.


Better employee engagement

By effectively managing absence and promoting a culture of accountability, GoodShape boosts employee engagement, morale, and satisfaction.


Proactive risk mitigation

Predictive analytics capabilities empower HR managers to proactively identify and address absence-related risks before they escalate, reducing the impact on organisational productivity and performance.


Cost savings

By reducing absenteeism rates and minimising the costs associated with employee turnover and productivity loss, GoodShape helps organisations achieve significant cost savings over time.

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Long-term absence in the UK: problems and solutions.

The long-term sickness crisis is threatening productivity levels and costing UK employers billions each year. It's time to take action - for the sake of your people and your business.

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