We just need three pieces of information to build your bespoke business case:

1. Company headcount
2. Average salary
3. Current absence rate (if known)

We then use the GoodShapeIndex - our comprehensive database of millions of absence events collected over nearly two decades - to project your absence reduction over 12-36 months.

We can also develop a customised action plan to enhance the process of managing absence in your organisation.



How long will the meeting be?

The initial meeting usually takes 45 minutes but this could be longer or shorter depending on your current challenges and the level of detail discussed.

Do I need to prepare anything beforehand?

Any high-level information you can bring to the meeting would be helpful, such as your absence rate, main causes of absence, average duration of absence, and sick pay policy, but these are not required.

Can I book a demo?

Yes, although we generally suggest booking in an initial meeting before showing you the GoodShape platform so that we can understand your current situation and see if we would be a suitable solution for your organisation.