Employee wellbeing is the key to better organisational performance.

We partnered with Ipsos MORI to define the major challenges employers are facing in this space at the moment.

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Delivering effective employee wellbeing can be difficult, especially in these times of remote and hybrid working.

We surveyed over 750 HR professionals and C-suite executives in the course of this first-of-its-kind research. It looks at:

  • What senior leaders, HR professionals and Managers currently think about employee wellbeing

  • The major challenges and common pitfalls that stop them implementing effective programmes

  • What steps employers can take to improve their approach to employee wellbeing

  • What the future of employee wellbeing looks like

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What to expect from the report?

Get a first glimpse at some of the findings from our recent presentation at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition. 

Drawing on insights from 16 years of UK data and findings from our new Ipsos MORI study, Stephen May, CRO at GoodShape, explores how leadership teams can and should use technology to evolve their organisations.